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Vacancy ID 94
Vacancy CVE - Electrics/Avionics
Reference PCVELECT8
Category Airworthiness
Summary Excellent Opportunity for an experienced CVE to work for a highly sought after employer in one of the most sought after locations in Western europe to live and work.
Date added 1st May 2015
Vacancy Profile
Electrical Engineer


Full description
• Reporting directly to the Chief of the Office of Airworthiness. CVE function in the Design Assurance system of a Part 21J Design Organisation .

• Review and approval of compliance documents, including test programmes and data, necessary for the verification of compliance with the applicable CS, FAR and environmental protection requirements and the technical content (completeness, technical accuracy.. ) of the manuals approved by the Agency.

• Support the office of airworthiness in

• Coordinating certification projects and cont¡nued airworthiness aspects with the Agency and National authorities

• Developing the Design Organisation

• Co-operation in issuing guidelines for documenting compliance, for the preparatÌon of the manuals required by the applicable implementing rules, Service Bulletins, drawings, specifications, and applicable standards.

• Advising all departments of the design organisation with regards to all questions relating to airworthiness, environmental protection approvals and certification.

• Monitoring of significant events on other aeronautical products as far as relevant to determine their effect on airworthiness of products being designed by the design organisation.

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