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Psychometric Services

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Scientifically Superior

IT'S THIS SIMPLE: Psychometric assessment has been shown to be scientifically superior to interviews (structured and unstructured) in predicting the future performance of employees - (see meta analysis of Schmidt & Hunter, 1998).

Appointing the most suitable person or people to employ is commonplace activity on most organisations - IT IS ALSO AN IMPORTANT ACTIVITY. A simple consideration of how much just one employee earning an average salary is likely to be paid over a ten year period reveals one reason why organisations want to ensure that they recruit and select people who are going to perform well. Therefore choosing a selection method can become crucial in predicting the peformance of all types of new employees.

SearchTech use psychometrics to produce in-depth psychological profiles of individuals covering both personality and intellectual ability. All tests are administered and interpreted by qualified Occupational Psychologists who have attained Level A and B standard in accordance with the British Psychological Society.

Tests of Maximum and Typical Performance

Psychometric tests are broadly divided into those measuring maximum performance and those measuring typical performance. Tests of maximum performance performance, such as cognitive ability tests, are designed to assess how people perform at certain tasks when they are trying hard to perform those tasks well. Tests of typical performance, such as personality questionnaires are designed to assess how people typically behave rather than how they behave in special circumstances (such as when they are trying hard). The important tests for selecting your new employees are:-

  • General Cognitive tests
    These are sometimes referred to as intelligence tests.
  • Tests of specific cognitive abilities
    The specific cognitive abilities measured include verbal ability, numerical ability, spatial ability, originality, word fluency and artistic ability. When these tests are designed to measure  collections of abilities that are useful in a specific cultural setting (e.g. tests of clerical ability) they are often called aptitude tests.
  • Personality questionaires – These are usually self-report questionnaires designed to examine where people lie on dimensions such as extraversion and agreeableness relative to other people.

If you would like to discuss these services or have a current requirement for testing, please send your queries to and a consultant will contact you.