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So what is headhunting? Headhunting is a method I use to find a candidate for a client other than through advertising or Database searches. Although these two methods can be useful, any good recruiter will know that after slogging through a database or going through the long list of applicants from a job advert will tend to yield for you, the best of the unhappy, the best of the unemployed and the best of the unqualified.

The other option is of course to headhunt proactively, target the right person, through networking and researching and then contacting directly suitably qualified candidates. This is a greatly under utilised methodology that most ‘agencies’ or companies just don’t do. Why? I have no idea. I can only assume that headhunting has been associated with executive or managerial positions and the idea of using this methodology of ALL positions just doesn’t cross register. Some benefits of headhunting include:-

  • Targeted Approach
  • Raises Profile/Brand enhancement
  • Gives access to candidates who are not proactively looking for a new role
  • Candidate exclusivity (most times a recruited candidate will not be proactively looking for a new position and so doesn’t have other opportunities to complicate a successful placement)
  • Strengths your team weakens your competitor

Notice I mentioned all companies not just used recruitment agencies should have this option to look for people. I do know of some clients I have worked with who often go out and find their own candidates using direct recruiting methods and at the risk of losing business I would advise more company’s todo this themselves. However there are advantages to using a recruiter like myself todo this for you; the main reasons include:-

  • Professional Image associated with having a recruiter contact potential candidates
  • The position maybe of a confidential nature so you need a discreet method to recruit.
  • A Specialist recruiter should have a wide network of contacts within your industry increasing your chances of finding a quality candidate.
  • Time – The headhunting route although can be very quick and effective can also take up time better spent on your core working activites.
  • Specialist recruiting skills – There are skills that an experienced recruiter will have developed that mean more candidates maybe willing to talk openly; maximising the recruitment of good quality candidates and also minimising candidates that ultimately aren’t right for the position. This comes down to basic effectiveness of the headhunting methodology and goes beyond the basics. The recruiter should be skilled enough to sell your company and your position effectively (Very often overlooked factor and critical factor; A candidate may walk away from a great company and opportunity if it isn’t sold well, likewise I have seen many times top quality professionals choose to work for company’s that on the face of it wouldn’t be desirable but the right benefits were sold in the right way that appealed to the specific needs of the Individual.

If you would like to discuss any position you would like help finding a good candidate for please email initially on and I will respond back to you asap.