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Ability and Expertise

SearchTech values itself not only on its ability and expertise to search the right candidates for your organisation but also on the service you receive during the search process. We believe it is important to take down a full job profile in order to avoid sending unqualified candidates. We also understand the importance of providing updates of how our search is progressing and keeping you informed.

SearchTech will work in partnership with you at your pace and in a way that you are comfortable with. Not every individual or company is the same, however many of existing clients prefer to work in close partnership enabling us to visit their premises and learn about the company’s culture, processes and future plans. This allows to gain further insights into the best people for YOUR organisation and not simply someone who can perform the required duties of the role you are looking to fill. Not all the best candidates are always available when you are looking to fill your vacancies and so working in this way allows us to know which type of professionals will be worth informing you about when they do come onto the market.

Working Together

Whether you are looking to appoint  Managers, Directors, Technical Services Engineers or hands on engineers we can advise on the most suitable solution, by agreeing and providing a clear proposal and framework covering the most effective way for you to select the right person. By identifying, qualifying, interviewing and selecting candidates for a specific role, SearchTech will endeavour to ensure all candidates will be suitably qualified technically and culturally, saving you time and money allowing you to relax in the knowledge that your recruitment activity is in safe hands.

SearchTech offers specific solutions to suit your requirements. We aim to provide a quality service that is professional, confidential, timely, cost-effective and appropriate to your needs. We will take into account the nature of the role to be filled, the required date, the location of the role as well as the assignment brief you have provided. These initial discussions would take place regarding your assignment to ascertain the best method of sourcing a quality shortlist, either by:

  • Retained Search
    headhunting (includes psychometric profiling)
  • Retained Selection
    managed advertised campaign (includes psychometric profiling)
  • Contingency Search
    (candidates from our database and networking)